Serving Others during COVID-19

Many Christians in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas are organizing to serve health care workers who are vulnerable due to dwindling supplies of personal protection equipment. Christians in New York City are working directly with hospitals that are accepting donations of homemade masks. As of March 31, many masks are needed. Delivering masks to New York City within one week is high priority. Find updates and more details at

If you are able to help, make masks according to the instructions in this document.

Christian Aid Ministries is managing collection of masks at their Pennsylvania Warehouse:

Christian Aid Ministries
2412 Division Hwy,
Ephrata, PA 17522

Contact for more information:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (717) 455-0820

Anabaptist Perspectives had a conversation with Matt Landis, one of the coordinators for this effort of creating needed supplies for healthcare workers. Listen to this interview to learn more details.

Watch this video to hear how some in southern Ontario are meeting needs that the pandemic has introduced.

Prayer Hotline

If you wish to make others aware of the prayer hotline, consider printing this .pdf.

Christian Aid Ministries is now offering chaplaincy service and a prayer hotline to those who are suffering or otherwise distressed during the pandemic. You may print this .pdf on cardstock to create 3×5 information cards to give to those who would benefit from this service.

A chaplain who answers calls to the hotline shared the following testimony with us:

I received a call from Roberto who has been ill for 11 days with Coronavirus. He is the father of 6 children and is very concerned for his wife and children. He was at home with them until he passed out and was then taken to the hospital. He has only been in the hospital 4 days.
A nurse gave him a card and encouraged him to call the number. He is on oxygen, but mainly he is fearful and desired prayer. Roberto grew up in NYC, but says he now wants to move his family to a small town. He is in construction. I prayed with him and spoke with him about placing his trust in the Lord because our lives are certainly in His hands. I prayed for his healing and for his wife and children. He was very grateful for our time together.
I gave him our gospelbillboard website and explained where to sign up for a meditation.
In the end I gave him my extension number and he wanted to write it down.
I encouraged him to call me again tomorrow.


If you wish to give to those in need during the pandemic, One Kingdom Community is channeling resources to support those in need of food and other essentials. Donate securely through DonorBox.

Alternatively, send checks to:

One Kingdom Community
2044 W. Main St.
Ephrata, PA 17522

Contact for more information:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (717) 455-0820

The initiatives described on this page are centered in southern Pennsylvania and may not be accessible to most of Anabaptist Perspectives’ audience. However, we encourage all, regardless of location, to serve those nearby. Consider partnering with organizations in your area who are already working to meet the needs of group homes, hospitals, and long term care facilities.

Anabaptist Perspectives has posted this page as a service to volunteers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to spotlight a ministry opportunity and to provide information. We do not claim any responsibility for the face mask product that this page describes or its effectiveness. Read this page for more information about facemasks and related PPE devices.