A diversity of Bible translations is an embarrassment of riches. How can we make good use of this unique opportunity we have as 21st century English speakers (and readers)?

Bible Translations and Bible Study

Sunday, October 11th, 2020
A Christian magazine recently asked readers to comment on why we need new translations of the Bible from time to time. English Bible translations are a subject dear to my heart, and I shared a brief response for that magazine. Here on the blog I would like to give a slightly longer explanation. While I am arguing that it is important to make regular use of a modern English translation of the...

Saturday, January 2nd, 2021
A preacher should have as much money in his library as in his pickup truck, or so says a pastoral advisor to my church. Those charged to regularly teach the scriptures need good tools for study. So do the rest of us. Not all of us will spend thousands of dollars on commentaries or devote years of our lives to studying the Greek and Hebrew languages in which the scripture was written. But, as...