Supporters Update #1

Think About It: Let’s put the internet to work!

I am not old, but I am old enough to remember when preachers warned against bad magazines and unhealthy books rather than against dangerous websites and unhealthy social media use. But I don’t remember anyone suggesting we avoid all books and magazines. Even if there was a lot of junk out there, no one bemoaned the invention of the printing press. Rather, Christian publishers put those presses to work, and leaders urged us to embrace wholesome literature. The time is now for Christians to put internet media to work. We cannot merely try to keep bad stuff off our smartphones and out of our browsers. We must diligently create and promote positive content on new media frontiers.

What’s Happening

Someone told us: “I want to be a Mennonite or Anabaptist so bad. I have no idea how to even begin.” Jaran encouraged her to seek to love God first and to develop relationships with Anabaptist people and a church near her. He also offered to help her locate such a church. She said that she found a local Mennonite church and would call them soon to inquire about visiting.

In response to Merle Burkholders’ episodes someone told us: “This is the kind of thing I need to hear while I try to leave atheism.” And “How he explains doubt is what I’m going through as I try to leave atheism behind.”

Boston and New York

Last month Jaran and Reagan made a fruitful filming tour in the northeast. They interviewed a number of staff from Destinations International in NYC and Sattler College in Boston.

Jonathan and Annlyn Kulp from Followers of Jesus Mennonite Church are participating in an interview.

From these interviews, we will edit and produce around 16 weekly episodes on topics like how to support missionaries and why the study of Hebrew and Greek is worthwhile.

Looking Ahead

We operate by seasons. We release content weekly for approximately 50 weeks and then take some time away from publishing to get ahead a bit on recording and editing before starting the next season.

Season two is going well. Since we kicked off in June our audience has grown significantly. On the production side, we already have enough content filmed to last through May; editing is the major task remaining.

Blog Manager Needed

We are looking for someone to manage the our blog. This man or woman will be responsible for recruiting authors and columnists and working with our proof readers to ensure that articles are posted to the blog on a regular schedule. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information or to recommend someone else for the job.

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise: We’ve been able to work far ahead with our filming schedule and only need about two episodes to finish season two. Jaran and Reagan traveled to Boston and New York City to record about 16 episodes with several different people who are committed to Christ and his truth.
  • Praise: God has used Anabaptist Perspectives’ episodes as one tool in aiding people on a journey toward closer discipleship. Recently, we’ve heard from various people seeking God and fellowship with his people. Some of these we’ve been able to put into contact with local churches.
  • Prayer: With the most intense work on season 2 behind us, we’ll be thinking toward season three. We’re asking God for guidance and wisdom to best represent his ways to the world and serve his church.

Audience Numbers

  • YouTube: 7988 views in July, 1566 subscribers
  • Podcast: 4523 listens in July


As of this newsletter we have paid for quite a bit more filming and travel costs than reflected in the second quarter report. It looks like we will need an additional $4000 in support to finish season two (episodes running through May 2020). We would also like to begin filming episodes for season three as funds allow.

Supporting Anabaptist Perspectives

Patrons (our subscribers on give a monthly contribution of $3 or more. In return patrons have access to a variety of extras such as raw footage while we are filming episodes and an exclusive Q & A podcast with AP staff.


Since we are a project of Wellspring Mennonite Church, donations are tax deductible and tax receipts will be issued. Checks payable to “Anabaptist Perspectives” can be mailed to 279 County Road 617, Athens, Tennessee, 37303. Secure online donations can be made via credit card, PayPal, or bank account. This includes an option for monthly recurring donations.