Supporters Update #10

An episode recording in progress with Josh Good.

Think About It:

How many communication media can you name? We communicate orally through stories and conversations, in writing through letters, books, etc. or by recording audio or video. Every medium has its advantages and its disadvantages. Anabaptist Perspectives values video and audio content, but, as our monthly blog demonstrates, we are also committed to quality writing.

The Blog Doesn’t Have Seasons

Our video and podcast episodes are on a break until we’re ready for Season Three, but new blog posts are released every month, and some months feature multi-part series. Recent posts include:

  • “Revisiting the Lord’s Table—Again and Again” by Steve Byler
  • “Studying the Word of God” by Frank Reed
  • A series on the biblical meaning of stewardship written by Marlin Sommers
  • and more…

Visit the blog to read one of these posts or browse recent posts:

Audience Correspondence, a big task.

Most of our work, by time and expense, is in creating episodes. However, we are committed to engaging well with audience members who contact us directly, and this brings a significant amount of work. One common request is for help locating an Anabaptist congregation. We have made many connections for these people and some have followed up by visiting church or even engaging fairly deeply with the church we connected them to.

Other people request input for complicated situations in their lives which we can at best only partially address while attempting to provide some encouragement.

Recently, we heard from a highschool student who is wrestling with his understanding of the faith who wants to know more about how Mennonites understand the faith. This same board member has also been engaging with a man from Singapore who sent a letter (text below). It is an incredible opportunity to be able to dialogue with so many about the gospel.

I have been a Baptist by conviction for some time and have heard about Anabaptists from church history. Baptists today are of various shades of differences, but I believe we all hold dear to our hearts, the truth and practice of God’s holy Word.
I am from the island of Singapore in South-East Asia where there are few Baptist churches but no Anabaptist or Mennonite assembly here.Some Baptist churches lean on toward the universal, liberal and are only Baptist in name.
I am writing in hopes to learn more about what Anabaptist churches really believe as I long to understand more of the truth and the practice of the truth. Is there someone who would be patient to correspond and communicate to help me understand about the primary distinctives in the area of doctrine and practices of the scriptural churches of the Lord Jesus Christ?
Thank you for taking time to read this letter.

New Board Members

Duane Wadel from Texas and Kevin Shenk from Pennsylvania have both joined our board. While Anabaptist Perspectives is a project of Wellspring Mennonite Church in Athens, Tennessee, we are happy to have staff, advisors, and even some seats on the governing board coming from around the USA (and one from Canada!).

Views were high this spring because of COVID-related content. Our last episode for Season Two was released on May 21. While much of the attention comes when videos are first released, they continue to get views in the following months and years.

Prayer and Praise

  1. Praise God for significant progress toward Season Three.
  2. We had to postpone filming numerous episodes because of Covid-related issues. It looks like we will be able to film many of these in mid-August. Pray that progress continues in whatever way God wants it to.
  3. Pray for administrator Jaran Miller, and board member Chester Weaver as they interact with comments and questions from the audience. Especially pray for wisdom as they interact with people unhappy with their current church situations.
  4. Praise God for new board members joining.
  5. Pray that these new relationships will contribute to God’s wishes for Anabaptist Perspectives.

We are one third of the way to our funding goal for 2020!

Financial Report