Supporters Update #3

Think About It:

If your church members have smartphones you should worry just as much about getting the right things on those phones as you worry about keeping the wrong things off those phones. Online pornography is indeed a major concern. Creating positive content in smartphone native media should be an equal concern.

What’s Happening

We’ve largely found the rhythm of season two with much of the work going into editing and releasing content filmed in the summer. We are excited that Dave Eshbach has come on board to relaunch our blog. Plans are to post monthly beginning in January. Audience interaction and responses continue to be encouraging.

Viewers Are Seeking

Here is an encouraging note we received, “We are part of a church plant… In this area the terms Mennonite, Anabaptist or Kingdom Christianity mean nothing to most people. This saying I was surprised to see someone from [our town] on one of the Mennonite Facebook groups seeking advice looking for a church because there are “no Anabaptist groups in her area”. I messaged her and we have been holding Bible studies with her and her boyfriend.I asked them where they heard about the Anabaptists, and their first contact was through your YouTube channel. They are really counting the cost and so far seem to be “all in” in their commitment to Christ. They have been searching for answers to life’s questions for some time. It has been a joy to watch God reveal Himself to them. Please pray for [them] I fear the spiritual warfare for their allegiance will only increase over the next weeks and months.”

We also got an email from England, “I am so happy to have found your YouTube channel and website. Your videos are so informative and eye opening and have helped me so much. Please can you possibly put me in contact with a Mennonite Church in England? Your channel has helped me so much. I am a born again Christian, I was baptised 2 years ago at the age of 35 and I need to meet and speak with more people who have the love for our Savior that I do. Thank you,”

From our Co-founder

We asked Reagan, who hosts most of our episodes and was one of the original visionaries for Anabaptist Perspectives, why he is so passionate about this project. Here is his response:

“AP matters because God deeply cares about communicating Truth to his people. There are many people today seeking that Truth, but many never have the opportunity to meet others that are on the same path. By producing these episodes through AP, we are able to reach out to countless people that may never hear these perspectives otherwise. I am so excited about the many people around the world that have been inspired by the teaching shared by our guests; it is a true honor to play a small part in growing God’s Kingdom.”

Reagan with his wife Trish

Filming Project

Recently, some of our staff helped film a series for All Nations Bible Translation. Next year we will release a sample of this content on our channel.

Prayer and Praise

  1. Thank God that Dave Eshbach has agreed to manage our blog.
  2. Pray that we can publish what is needed as we relaunch the blog next year.
  3. Pray for wisdom as things grow and there are possibilities for new projects.
  4. Pray that we would have energy to pour into the work and that it can be done in an excellent way.
  5. Pray for our listeners who feel like they don’t have like-minded believers in their area.

August saw a spike in viewers with some very popular episodes, but overall we keep gaining viewers and subscribers.


We are thankful to have cash available to finish editing and publishing Season Two, which will run through May 2020. We were also able to film a few episodes that will be used in Season Three (start date not yet determined).

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