Supporters Update #4

Think About It: What If We Don’t Publish Online?

When pondering the downsides of newer media forms we must not ignore the upsides of these forms–or the downsides if we are negligent in using them. If we are negligent in using internet media, the ideas we hold important will be far less discoverable by others. If we don’t use podcasts, videos, etc., then we leave a huge segment of the world unable to discover our message, even if they are receptive. But it is not only outreach that suffers. People growing up in Anabaptist churches need digital media as well. I know of no church group that thought the teaching in their church services eliminated the need for books and magazines. Publishing digitally native media is as important as publishing books.

What’s Happening?

Donor: “Crash course” on Anabaptism 10 years overdue!

A donor from Malaysia wrote:

I wanted to thank y’all for producing those videos, they’ve been very encouraging especially in 2018 when I was new to Anabaptist theology….Kinda like a Crash Course and a great introduction. Wish this was around ten years ago when I first had the interest but when most Anabaptists were not on the internet.

America and the Kingdom of God

Dean Taylor’s recent video on nationalism gathered a lot of attention, including the following comment:

I am currently studying a college course on American Government at Western Governor’s University for my RN-BSN program. I was really struggling with the course to understand the concepts, and also struggling spiritually, to resolve the questions that arose with “What is a Christian role in relation to the government?”

This YouTube video greatly blessed my life and helped me align my goals with God’s will for the Christian in relation to the government. Thank you for posting this interview on YouTube!

Gratitude for #GivingTuesday

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving we did a special fundraiser. Your gifts, and new Patreon subscriptions through the event, will fully fund three episodes in video and podcast forms! Your contributions are a definite encouragement to our staff who have invested deeply in producing our episodes.

Blog Relaunch–January 2020!

You may have noticed our blog has been languishing. But starting in January we will be publishing original posts monthly. If you would like to receive post notifications by email, you can subscribe at

Prayer and Praise

  1. Thank God that we have enough money to finish season two.
  2. Thank God for a good response to our Giving Tuesday program.
  3. Pray for those about whom we learn who desire fellowship with a God-honoring church but seem unable to find what they seek.
  4. Pray for the needed staff and volunteers, so we can keep doing our job well.


We are grateful to have the funds in hand to finish editing Season Two episodes and to have funds to start work on a third season to launch in the second half of 2020. Patreon contributions continue to grow and currently provide full funding for 4 episodes per year. We will need an additional $15,000 to $25,000 to complete season three, so if you are planning year-end giving, we would appreciate you keeping Anabaptist Perspectives in mind.

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