Supporters Update #6

Where does Anabaptism belong? Both places of course! See below for a blog post addressing this.

Think about it:

What do you want your children to read? To watch? To listen to? With physical media parents can stock the bookshelf, CD case, magazine rack and DVD stash with media they hope their children will engage with. How can parents and leaders shape media use when content lives in internet platforms and not on shelves? That question deserves serious thought. We don’t have a full answer, but we are convinced that the digital publishing we do forms a piece of the answer. Thanks for your help!

What’s Happening?

Encouragement from a Listener

“I want to express my appreciation for Anabaptist Perspectives and the way you are presenting conservative beliefs and viewpoints. I have listened to almost all of your episodes. My favorite is the series by Merle Burkholder…There are others which are equally well done. There are so many Mennonite blogs and publications that decry and even ridicule the conservative element of the church. It is refreshing to have a source we can trust to speak the truth of God’s Word. Thank you and God bless your efforts.”

The Blog is Back Online!

We are releasing a new blog post at the beginning of every month. Some upcoming months will feature multi-part posts. Subscribe to get future posts by email. Here are links to our two most recent posts:

We are releasing a new blog post at the beginning of every month. Some upcoming months will feature multi-part posts. Subscribe to get future posts by email. Here are links to our two most recent posts:

In “Religious Dualism,” Chester Weaver addresses the problem of separating Wholeness into two distinct parts in order for practitioners to feel good about themselves while not being Whole.

Prayer and Praise

  1. Since most of the production work for Season Two has been completed, we are planning Season Three. Pray for discernment to know which topics to address and which guests to invite.
  2. Pray for strength for our staff, as there is much labor that goes into each episode. Pray we would have the stamina to complete Season Three.
  3. We often correspond with audience members who are seeking spiritual input, fellowship, and/or a church that honors God. Pray that we can dialog with grace and wisdom as we walk beside people on their journeys.
  4. Thank God for providing people who share the vision and have contributed in many ways through technical work, advising, and guidance.
  5. Thank God for providing financial resources.
Month to month audience fluctuates, but we keep seeing more subscribers. Our most watched video has over 27,500 views. Time and consistency are keys to gaining a broader audience.

Structure, Sustainability, and a Budget

Anabaptist Perspectives is growing. As the the audience grows, so does interaction and correspondence. Many offer encouragement; some share concerns. We are thankful for both. Numerous people contact us for help finding a church or for help thinking through their current situation. Correspondence takes an increasing amount of time. New distribution channels and a revived blog also mean more work.

All of this means organizational structure and stability are essential. We formed a four-man operations team that meets regularly to direct the execution of the vision and projects set by the board. We have also increased the amount of paid time spent by staff members in order to make their roles, and ultimately Anabaptist Perspectives, more sustainable. More work and a larger audience means more expenses and requires more financial support. Our support target for 2020 is $40,000.

As of March, 10th, revenue is at about 10% of our 2020 goal. Financial reports will be published in this newsletter every quarter.

Supporting Anabaptist Perspectives lets you partner with us through monthly contributions. “Patrons” gain access to bonus content such as raw interview footage, early releases. extra content–and our favorite– a Patreon-only podcast featuring Q & A with AP staff.