Supporters Update #8

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We released several bonus episodes in response to COVID-19. In this episode a Mennonite pastor and doctor give an inside view from NYC, where the outbreak has been far more intense than in most of the US.

Think About It:

Who pays writers? Who pays for publishing? Books and CD’s can be sold. Magazines have subscription costs and run advertisements. With the rise of the internet, media revenue is dominated by advertisements. And most people would rather subject themselves to an advertising barrage than pay directly for internet media and services. Making media freely available without relying on advertising revenue, is an uphill climb. Thanks for your support.

What We Need for Season Three

We are wrapping up our second season this month. Its hard to believe we have released approximately 100 episodes! This has been a lot of work, but seeing how these episodes have been a blessing to others is very encouraging. One person wrote:

Just a short note to say thanks for the encouraging, inspiring, and even challenging episodes you’ve been producing. I know it takes a lot of work to produce this kind of stuff. But just know that it is getting out there and people are being blessed!

Ideally, after a several-month break, we will be able to launch Season Three with another 50 episodes in our familiar format. But that will require a significant amount of financial support.

As we finish Season Two, we are prepared to move forward. We have already recorded eight episodes for future use and are preparing scripts for several episodes we can film locally in Tennessee. We will also be filming a number of episodes in Pennsylvania during the first week of June.

Financially, we found ourselves with about $10,000 to work with going forward. While this makes a good start, we will incur significant costs in filming more episodes before we are able to launch Season Three. We will also need significant financial resources for the ongoing work of editing, posting, and engaging with communication from our audience.

So we have set a fundraising goal of $10,000 by June 7th. After announcing this in recent episodes we are off to a good start with over $900 received. Thank you! We do not normally include donation requests in our episodes, but we will make several more announcements along with upcoming episodes as we finish out this season and prepare for another one.

Donations can be made securely online at . If you choose to give through a monthly recurring donation, we will calculate the twelve-month value of your gift when tracking progress toward our campaign goal.

Another way to support Anabaptist Perspectives is by becoming a Patron. As with recurring donations, we will count the twelve-month value of new contributions toward the $10,000 fundraising goal. lets you partner with us through monthly contributions. “Patrons” gain access to bonus content such as raw interview footage, early releases, extra content — and our favorite, a Patreon-only podcast featuring Q & A with AP staff.

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Our monthly audience trends upwards but fluctuates depending what we release in a given month. April’s spike in view count no doubt reflects the bonus episodes related to COVID-19.
YouTube subscribers and Facebook Followers represent growth in our steady audience for new episodes. The combined total increase by 307 during the month of April to 4496. Audiences on Podcasts, Telegram, and Instagram mean the total number is significantly higher.

Prayer and Praise

1. The second season of Anabaptist Perspectives is almost completed. God has provided in many different ways to allow us to continue this far.
Our fundraising campaign for Season Three is off to a good start, with multiple generous donations.

2. Though we plan to take a break from publishing for several months, beginning in June, we are continuing to work hard to record episodes for Season Three. We need God to provide resources, both in energy, wisdom, and finances.

3. We are considering creating episodes that are formatted differently from our typical interview-style. We need discernment to know which creative possibilities to pursue and develop.