Encouraging Allegiance – Supporters Update 26

We are here to encourage allegiance to Jesus’s sacrificial kingdom.

  • Mike Atnip vividly portrays the threat of nationalist Allegiance in his exploration of the Ukraine conflict: Nationalism and Christianity. This is longer than most of our essays and a good chance to look up “Essays for King Jesus” in your podcast app and listen to it narrated.
  • Jaran, Reagan, and myself wrestle with immigration questions in response to listeners who feared disruption to their culture and society: Public Policy and Immigration.
  • Kristi Mast urges us to cultivate our relationship with God through serious Bible study alone and together. She speaks of women’s Bible study in particular, but all can find encouragement in this episode: Bible Study and Knowing God
  • And a gem to share from an interview I did, to be released next year. “Education is Christology.” What the guest gestured at here is the fact that in Jesus are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. When we know as we ought to know, everything relates in some way to our glorious Lord.

Walk with the King!

Marlin, for the Anabaptist Perspectives Team


Finding Common Ground

Feedback from a listener: “Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this project. I grew up Methodist but drifted away from the church for several decades. Earlier this year I watched a series on the Amish and something about it REALLY connected with me. Something about them having a clear vision for life outside of the modern ways of the world and how that lets them maintain the way of life that they highly value. As the months went by I found your channel and have been devouring many of the videos and connecting with an amazing number of them. Anabaptism feels like it is in my bones, like long lost friends I am reconnecting with and rediscovering Jesus through. On a side note, my grandparents were a Church of the Brethren and my grandfather grew up speaking Pennsylvania Dutch. I never did but I identify so deeply with you folks it almost feels like my ancestors are alive and well in me. Again thanks so much for what you have done. You have truly touched my life in a positive way. Keep up the great work.”


Recording with Dale Eby in October. Topics included suffering, gender identity, and the identity of Jesus. We also recently recorded with Paul Emerson and Daniel Yoder on topics like preaching and processing doubt. These will be 2023 releases.


Prayer and Praise Reports

  1. -Thank God for margin and buffer. Essays in the queue, videos’s and podcasts edited, more episodes filmed. With our team of part-timers, buffer feels good.
  2. -Thank God for providing financially.
  3. -Pray that God brings the right people to the right content for their particular situation.
  4. -Ask God for wisdom in planning future content. Topics, guests and authors, and approach.


Financial Update

Our expenses for 2022 should come in well under the budgeted $65,000. This is partly due to recording more remote episodes, and spending less on travel. It is also partly due to delaying needed pay increases for staff till near the end of 2022. Thanks to a generous response to our fall campaign we are currently operating with some buffer.

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