Encouraging – Supporters Update 24

Courage! Everything worthwhile takes courage. At the most fundamental level courage must have its roots in trusting God. But we humans get to encourage each other. The material shared by our guests has encouraged many listeners toward confidence in God’s kingdom. You have encouraged us through your words and financial support. We are also encouraged every time a guest is willing to give their time and knowledge, and share it with people around the world.

Listener Encouragement!

A listener from Western Australia writes:

“Your channel is definitely been helpful to me in seeing a variety of guest speakers and hearing the varying opinions from the various groups. So keep doing what you’ve been doing, please. And even if you are not able to continue, the vids will still be useful to someone, somewhere. kindest blessings to you all.”

Funding Drive and Thanksgiving!

The fund drive initiated by our board has been completed and surpassed! We are very grateful for the approximately $56,000 we have received – almost double the specific goal for this fund drive. This also means contributions YTD are above our budgeted expense for 2022. Thanks to all of you who support the work through monthly and periodic gifts!

Recording New Episodes

Chester Weaver, a board member with Anabaptist Perspectives and a frequent guest on the podcast, came out to our studio in Tennessee. Reagan and Chester spent a day and a half filming episodes, discussing Anabaptist theology and general aspects of Christian maturity. We also recorded for our Partners exclusive podcast, answering audience questions and discussing church history, fundamentalism, and comparing evangelicalism and Anabaptism. You can access our Partners content through our website!

If you would like to anonymously support the work of Anabaptist Perspectives, you may contact Anabaptist Foundation for more information on their Charitable Gift Fund Program (800-653-9817 or [email protected])

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