2021 Highlights – Supporters Update 18

2021 Media

Videos released38
Podcasts released43
Essays released12

2021 Encouragement from a listener

I wanted to let you know that I have been really blessed by the media ministries of the Mennonites that I have encountered, including this channel. You seem to be one of the very few Christian groups I have found who base their views of money, stewardship, and economics from the principles outlined in the Bible and not from the wisdom of the world. Keep up the great work. You have an appreciative viewer in the Adventist church.

2021 Audience stats

YouTube subscribers 4600
Facebook followers2250
Podcast regular listeners1400
Telegram/CloudVeil subscribers600

2021 Construction Zone

Anabaptist Perspectives has been a veritable construction zone in 2021, as we worked on infrastructure for the long haul.

  • Light renovations on rent-free office space provided by a local business
  • Upgraded mics, lights, and camera provided by a group of generous donors
  •  A massive digital storage unit to hold terabytes upon terabytes of video footage
  • Upgraded team collaboration and remote recording software
  • New architecture for our website that will allow all media to be accessed through our own site in addition to third party platforms

Heading into 2022

We are preparing to launch Season 4 in the first part of 2022. We have filmed 14 episodes so far and will be filming a number more this week.

As we look to 2022, we want to continuously improve, both in the quality of our content and in the way we engage with our audience across a variety of online platforms. Our personnel are the key to building on the groundwork we have done in 2021. Since the beginning, Anabaptist Perspectives has relied heavily on work done by volunteers or done at below-market rates. 2021 has been no exception, and we are grateful for those who have contributed a wide range of skills—we have a great team!

Thanks to all of you who have made Anabaptist Perspectives possible these last four years! We have received your gifts as an encouragement to press on in our efforts. If you would like to renew your support or give for the first time click here.  

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