Season 4 Launch and Reports – Supporters Update 19

Once again, we will drop new episodes every Thursday.  A few changes you can expect … 

  • Shorter, more focused episodes. 
  • Several thematic series, including a kick-off series on issues related to work and money and another series focused on how to use the internet and related technology well. 
  • Episodes that follow up with questions and concerns raised by our audience. 
  • Higher production quality that should make listening more enjoyable. We upgraded tools and processes both for in person interviews and for remote interviews.
  • New logo and color scheme  

All in all, we trust Season Four will continue and build on the things that have been helpful and worthwhile in our previous seasons. 

Why online? 

I have been working on getting stuff ready for our presentation and display table at REACH later this month. That forces clarity, such as these snappy three points in favor of online media. 

  1. Increasingly, Anabaptists look to online platforms for information and resources. 
  1. Others look online to learn about Anabaptism. 
  1. The internet is where people discover new ideas and movements. 

2021 Financial Report 

We ended 2021 with less money than we started. But that’s ok because God supplied enough, and we were able to invest in a number of improvements that will make things easier and better going forward.

Thanks to all of you who have been part of our story! 

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