Videos Make Connections! – Supporters Update 20 

A church planter told us he connected with three people in his area through Anabaptist Perspectives. We learned of three teachers using our videos in high school or Bible school classes. This was a taste of the encouragement we received as we connected with a number of you at REACH last month. 

This same church planter mentioned that he believes digital media is one of the most strategic investments we can make when it comes to disseminating the message of the Kingdom. Coincidentally, Kevin Brechbill briefly made the same point in the episode released the first day of the REACH event. 

Anabaptists, Charismatics, and Catholics 

Jordan said “I’m not Anabaptist myself, although I’m very ecumenical. I’m a non-denom Charismatic pastor actually. I’ve only recently come across your channel and I really like the content. Very informative and helpful. God bless!” 

He also commented on Episode 142 The Man who stayed Catholic: Erasmus “I LOVE your admonition for us to not pretend that the Church was on vacation from 325-1500’s ?”  

A Note from Albania 

A brother reached out to Reagan, expressing his appreciation for Anabaptist Perspectives and desire to meet in person. His comments on the situation in Albania and the importance of a proper Kingdom theology is worth quoting at length. 

We started in 2015 and now a small group of believers (families and singles) form our assembly. Our country is mostly Muslim background religion although it is very nominal because of its atheistic communist education (1945-1990) when Albania was under communist regime until 1990. An extreme Western consumerism philosophy has been added to our culture during these past 32 years. On the other side, Albania has been a field flooded by “Christian” missionary work from 1990 but at the present time the churches are suffering by a very poor discipleship growth. This lack of spiritual outcome is due to a non-biblical view of discipleship brought here from Evangelical missions, emphasizing the elements of the salvation narrative over the Kingdom biblical principles has brought a dangerous disbalance between the indicatives and the imperatives written in the word of God. We as a church are very much concerned about this fact. Personally, I found the Anabaptist Perspectives videos very helpful and close to our biblical interpretation of this issue. 

Finances and First Quarter Report 

Last December we announced 2022 budget projections totaling $65,000. This graph shows progress so far toward this contribution goal as well as how much of the annual budget has been spent in each category. Below the graph you will find a first quarter summary financial report and expense breakdown for the first quarter of 2022. 

We currently have 78 supporters making regular monthly contributions, as well as a number of other donors. Thanks so much! You are the reason we can keep producing videos, podcasts, and episodes, as well as interacting with believers and seekers around the world. 

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