Media and Church – Supporters Update 22

Natively digital media goes everywhere. It costs very little to watch a video or listen to a podcast. Church requires people together in a place. Church costs lots of work and lots of give and take. We often hear from people looking for a church, or looking for an ideal of church. Something they found on the internet inspires a vision of a certain kind of church. Therein lies the danger, dreams can substitute for reality, media obsession could distract from the nitty-gritty of doing church where God has put you. Learn from media, but prioritize people. If it’s helpful, share media with others in your church and day to day life. Invest in church. (And we’d be glad if you invest in media as well…) 

Marlin Sommers and Kyle Stoltzfus recording a Q & A session for Ask Anabaptist Perspectives Anything these are available to our monthly financial partners.

An Encouraging Comment from YouTube

“I’m not sure how I stumbled onto your channel, but I have enjoyed learning about Anabaptist history and the unique perspective Anabaptist’s can provide Christians today. I think a lot of Christians are looking for the “third way” these days because of the polarization of American evangelicalism. I think that’s how I ended up here. Your interviews are always engaging, to-the-point, and revelatory. I always learn something new, and I look forward to your new videos every week.”

Prayer and Praise Reports

  1. Pray for wisdom as we finalize our expanded mission and vision statements. We want something that is helpful both for our own guidance and for anybody who wants to understand the organization.
  2. Reagan recently had the privilege of meeting one of our viewers who lives in Albania, while he was traveling through the Balkans. It was delightful to meet one of our viewers in person, and discuss what he has learned and where God is calling him. This brother is active in helping lead a small church and had many questions about the Anabaptist way. We were able to take over some books and other materials for him, and encourage him and his family as they continue to seek what it looks like to take the teachings of Jesus literally, and apply them in their lives. Where they live has very little Christian presence, and it was a blessing to know that Anabaptist Perspectives has been helpful and encouraging in their walk with God.  

Financial Update

Here is our summary financial report for the first two quarters of 2022
Here is how contributions and expenses so far this year compare to our budget projection of $65,000 in expenses.
And here is how our expense so far this year compare to 2021 and to 2022 projections. These are broken down by our budget categories.

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