A New Vision Statement – Supporters Update 23

A highlight of our recent board and staff convention was hammering out a one-sentence vision statement.

Using digital media to encourage allegiance to Jesus’ sacrificial Kingdom.

For me (Marlin) this process reinvigorated my vision for Anabaptist Perspectives.  The word “sacrificial” was chosen to emphasize the difference between Jesus’ reign and the rule and authority of this world.  Jesus gave Himself as a sacrifice–a sacrifice for us and pleasing to God. We respond by sharing His suffering, humility, and love and presenting our bodies living sacrifices, acceptable to God. Love, nonresistance, and the two kingdoms have been important themes in our publishing.

Photos from Staff Convention

Changing our release schedule

So far our episodes have been arranged in four distinct seasons of weekly episodes. We have decided to go to a biweekly publishing schedule and eliminate extended breaks between seasons. This will set a more sustainable pace for our team, and greater consistency for viewers and listeners.

Funding drive

Our board has launched a fund drive, to raise the $30,000 needed to finish out the year well. As of this writing, $6500 of this has been received. If you are interested, you can read the letter from a board member.

Helpful information for an Australian listener

[F]inding any info on Anabaptism has been very difficult. Down here in [Australia], the only “plain” churches we have ever seen or really heard of would be people such as Plymouth Brethren… and we have heard about Quakers and the Pilgrims through a historical context.

So finding your channel was great. Although I don’t like what the internet brings with it, used cautiously, it has some very worthy applications. Your channel is definitely been helpful to me in seeing a variety of guest speakers and hearing the varying opinions from the various groups.

So keep doing what you’ve been doing, please.

Mark D.

p.s. we need more Anabaptists here.

Meeting a listener overseas!

Reagan Schrock (host of the podcast) and his wife Patricia were honored to meet with some of our listeners from Albania. This family has been listening to Anabaptist material online and has many questions about church and how to radically follow Jesus in all areas of life. It was encouraging to hear their stories of faith and how they are serving Christ in a very secular, closed society. They have started a small house church and we were honored to bring over many books and teaching materials they can’t get in their country.

Prayer and Praise Reports

  1. Praise God for an encouraging and profitable weekend with the staff team at our annual convention. A lot of brainstorming and work was accomplished as we planned for the future!
  2. Pray for the needed funds to continue the work of Anabaptist Perspectives.
  3. Pray for wisdom as we sort out the right roles and responsibilities for each person.


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“Using digital media to encourage allegiance to Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom.”

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