Vision and Provision – Supporters Update 25

We are grateful for vision and provision. Jesus is the source of both and he works through his body. The last few months have strengthened us for ongoing service through media.

  • Episodes come out continuously on a biweekly basis, rather than in seasons with long breaks between releases.
  • Wise individuals have agreed to contribute episodes to Anabaptist Perspectives and we have a lot of content in process.
  • A brother has stepped forward to chair the board, freeing Reagan (cofounder and former board chairman) to focus on his executive role.
  • Our website has been revamped and a lot of behind the scenes things have been upgraded.
  • Generous givers have given us a bit of financial margin.

Join us in giving thanks and keep praying for wisdom to fulfil our mission of using digital media to encourage allegiance to Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom.

A New Board Chairman

Geryll Zehr has been serving on our board and is assuming the chair. Geryll lives with his wife and four children in Meadville, PA, and is a member at Meadville Mennonite Chapel. He is a small business owner (residential and commercial rental properties), and additionally does video and photography work as a side line.

Reagan Schrock will be stepping down from the board chairman position, and focusing on the day-to-day operations and leadership of the organization. The next few months will be a time of transition as we put the structures in place. We are very excited about this development, and it should greatly solidify what Anabaptist Perspectives is doing.

Geryll Zehr

YouTube Irony

In the midst of our series on using the Internet well, some have noticed some irony. In response to the video “Why Do Some Mennonites Use Only Half the Internet?”, a listener commented:

“Do you find it ironic that not only is this a video made for the internet, but people are finding it because they spend so much time on the internet?”

Many continue to watch our old videos and leave comments on them. Somebody recently responded to an episode by David Bercot about the American Revolution:

“What about Peter’s sword, and the whip Jesus made in the temple?”

Recording with Kyle Stoltzfus

Jaran recorded three forthcoming episodes with Kyle Stoltzfus. We look forward to these conversations on Christian community, the gospel, and the spiritual value of risk and failure.

Revamped Website and Email Newsletter

If you have been following our website, you may have noticed a variety of changes over the last year. We are excited to have a site that is both robust and user friendly. While our primary ministry is through outside platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Telegram/CloudVeil, and a host of podcast providers, we believe a robust website is also important. This allows a systematic presentation of our ever-expanding content library.

Join our email list for a roundup of all of our new content, as well as selections from the library, and ministry updates. The newsletter is currently sent monthly.

Financial Update

Thanks to God’s provision through generous donors and steady monthly partners 3rd quarter has ended on a much stronger financial note than previous quarters.

To support Anabaptist Perspectives financially, you can become a monthly partner here

You can also make a one-time donation online or find information about donating by mail here

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“Using digital media to encourage allegiance to Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom.”

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