Sacrificial Kingdom? – Supporters Update 27

What does the phrase “Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom” bring to mind? Why include that phrase in our vision statement? One reason is our commitment to Jesus’ path of suffering love, as exemplified in His self-giving sacrifice for us. Discipleship includes willingness to suffer with Christ and at the hand of others, while rejecting violence and coercion. However, for us, sacrifice is not about what we give up, but about what we give. Believers bring the sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving; we present our bodies as holy sacrifices. We are priests whose gifts God accepts. A “sacrificial kingdom” thus speaks of fellowship with God, as we have the privilege of living life in His presence.

Practical teaching on the difference between the kingdoms of this world and Jesus’s kingdom has been some of our most popular content.

For example John D. Martin summarizes much of this under the heading of “The Ideal Resistance”.

Here are some prayer requests, thanksgivings, and updates, including the financial outlook at the end of the year.

  • Pray for each of us to model Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom.
  • Pray for listeners wrestling with where to find fellowship.
  • Praise God for letting us connect the right speakers and writers to the right people through our videos, podcasts, and blogs.
  • Praise God for continued progress in structuring our organization.
  • Praise God for financial provision this year and pray that God continues to bring a broader support base for the ministry.

Writing and Recording

We have three sets of interviews scheduled in the near future and a number of essays in queue. With buffer on the recording side, we can catch up on some other things and work harder on making the most of each piece of content as we seek to share it with a broader audience.

Financial Update

Thanks to all of you who helped us push past the budget of $65,000 in support for 2022! As we look ahead to 2023, our overall budget includes $80,000 for maintaining and strengthening what we have done (elevating quality and increasing content distribution to a wider audience). We are also targeting $20,000 specifically for new initiatives in 2023 if God provides the funding and personnel for expansion. This makes a 2023 target of $100,000.

There are two ways to support this vision.

Make a yearend gift!

Donate online or find information about donating by mail here.

Become a monthly partner!

Roughly 20% or our funding comes from people giving $5, $50, or $500 a month and we would love to see that percentage grow. As a thank you, monthly donors at any level get access to our bonus podcast as well. You can become a monthly partner here.

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