About Backup

Anabaptist Perspectives was formed to address the perceived void of accurate descriptions of conservative Anabaptist life and thought in accessible online media. We our grateful that our digitally native media has found a reception among a wide range of American Anabaptists and by a global audience.

In this video our founders, Jaran and Reagan, reflect on the beginnings of Anabaptist Perspectives, and what makes them excited about Anabaptist Perspectives today.

Purpose Statement

In response to the void of media that is representative of conservative and moderately conservative Anabaptist thought and lifestyle, we purpose to

  1. Describe and defend biblical elements of contemporary Anabaptist lifestyle
  2. Describe and defend Anabaptist theology

In response to the void of knowledge and interest in social issues of the surrounding culture among conservative and moderately conservative Anabaptist people, we purpose to

  1. Promote biblical discussions among Anabaptist people about social and cultural issues
  2. Provide non-Anabaptist people with ways to think about social and cultural issues that differ from the dominant media and news sources

Structure and Governance

The project is under the oversight of Wellspring Mennonite Church of Athens, Tennessee. However, the governing board includes members from several other congregations around the country. Board members from Wellspring are Luke Helmuth, Byron Miller, Reagan Shrock, and Marlin Sommers. Board members from elsewhere are Kevin Shenk, Duane Wadel, Chester Weaver, and Geryll Zehr.

“Using digital media to encourage allegiance to Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom.”

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