Using digital media to encourage allegiance to Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom.

Our Vision

Using digital media to encourage allegiance to Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom.

Our Mission

  1. Engage with questions important for faithful living in ways that are biblically, historically, and theologically informed. 
  2. Share stories and history (especially from the Anabaptist movement) as a source of understanding and inspiration for serving the King. 
  3. Publish content regularly on major platforms, interact with audience responses, and build an expanding resource library. 


Anabaptist Perspectives presents conversations which explore a variety of topics surrounding God, the church, and radical discipleship.

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In this video our founders, Jaran and Reagan, reflect on the beginnings of Anabaptist Perspectives, and what makes them excited about Anabaptist Perspectives today.

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I’m not sure how I stumbled onto your channel, but I have enjoyed learning about Anabaptist history and the unique perspective Anabaptist’s can provide Christians today. I think a lot of Christians are looking for the “third way” these days because of the polarization of American evangelicalism… I always learn something new, and I look forward to your new videos…

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Our Team

Reagan Schrock

Host & Executive Committee

Reagan is a member of Wellspring Mennonite Church and lives with his wife Patricia in southeast Tennessee. Reagan, along with Jaran, started Anabaptist Perspectives in 2017, and serves in leadership in the organization, in addition to being deeply involved in overseas missions work.

Myron Eby

Technical Support

Myron Eby is from Tennessee. In addition to his work as an IT technician, he enjoys photography and video production.

Marlin Sommers

Executive Director

Marlin and Meredith live with their five precious children in southeast Tennessee. Marlin has been trained in philosophy and carpentry, and enjoys pushing into other areas, such as mechanics and biblical Greek. Marlin works at Kingdom Channels and Anabaptist Perspectives in finance, communications, and other roles that are harder to describe. He is slowly endeavoring to put his public brain on his website

Krista Mullet

Publications Assistant

Krista has a heart for people and is involved in various ministries in her church and beyond. She is a member of Sandy Ridge Mennonite Church and lives with her husband and daughter in Goshen, IN where she enjoys creating a cozy space for her family and guests.

Jaran Miller

Host & Executive Committee

Jaran Miller is a resident of Pennsylvania and a native of Tennessee. He received his K-12 education via homeschool, his college education at Lee University, and his most important education through the books he’s read and the human relationships he’s been privileged to have. Jaran enjoys living with his wife Sara. Together they engage in pursuits like playing the piano, reading books, and developing hospitality skills.

Carl Yoder

Editor and General Assistant

Carl Yoder lives in Athens, TN with his wife, Monica. He is part of Wellspring Mennonite Church, and enjoys living in and serving his church and community.

Our Board of Directors

Vinson Miller

Vinson is a member of Wellspring Mennonite Church in Athens, Tennessee. He enjoys his occupation as a small engine repair technician and appreciates spending his evening in a variety of ways.

Jason Eby

Geryll Zehr

Geryll lives with his wife and four children in Meadville, PA, and is a member at Meadville Mennonite Chapel. He is a small business owner (residential and commercial rental properties), and additionally does video and photography work as a side line.


Duane Wadel

Duane lives in Covington, TX with his wife Joyce, and their three daughters.  He is involved with various projects at Osceola Christian Fellowship and enjoys all things A/V and IT related.

Chester Weaver

Chester Weaver has been involved in Christian education for almost all of his adult life, serving as full-time Christian school teacher for 38 years. He also has taught at short term youth Bible schools for 20 years. He has paid particular attention to Christian history, especially Anabaptist history and theology. He and his wife Barbara, parents of eight children, reside in Itasca, Texas, near the families of two of their sons. One son and two daughters, with their families, live in California while two more children live in Virginia. One son with his family lives in Ireland. 

Byron Miller

Byron Miller owns and operates Miller’s Small Engines of Englewood, Tennessee. He and his wife Carmen are members of Wellspring Mennonite Church.

Our Process

1. Planning

Before an idea becomes an episode, much work goes into planning the content and finding a guest for the conversation.

2. Filming

Once the episode has been planned, our filming team meets with the guest, either in person or remotely.

3. Editing

Here the episode receives hours of editing, review, and preparation to be released on our platforms.

4. Publishing

In this final step, thumbnails, subtitles, descriptions, and SEO are all developed for a smooth release of the episode.

“Using digital media to encourage allegiance to Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom.”

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