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Anabaptist Perspectives was formed to address the void of accurate descriptions of conservative Anabaptist life and thought in accessible online media. We our grateful that our digitally native media has found a reception among a wide range of American Anabaptists and by a global audience.

This presentation was recorded during our live event on Fundamentalism, October 24, 2020

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Our weekly podcasts and videos are designed to describe and defend biblical elements of contemporary Anabaptist lifestyle and theology while promoting biblical discussions among Anabaptist people about social and cultural issues. In addition to our audio and video materials, we are building a library of substantial articles on our blog.

The project is under the oversight of Wellspring Mennonite Church of Athens, Tennessee.

Byron Miller
Byron Miller owns and operates Miller's Small Engines of Englewood, Tennessee. He and his wife Carmen are members of Wellspring Mennonite Church.
Chester Weaver
Board Member
Chester Weaver has been involved in Christian education for almost all of his adult life, serving as full-time Christian School teacher for 34 years. He also has taught 20 years at short term youth Bible schools. Presently, he and his wife, Barbara, parents of eight children, reside in Itasca, Texas.
Marlin Sommers
Treasurer and Miscellaneous
Marlin works on various projects in addition to Anabaptist Perspectives. He is married to Meredith and father to Zadok, Katherine, Job, and Jude. He is from Wellspring Mennonite Church in Athens, Tennessee.
Stephen Russell
Stephen is an instructor at Faith Builders Educational Programs and is a member of Plainview Gospel Amish Mennonite Church in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. He is the author of "Overcoming Evil God's Way."
Roseanne Bauman
Roseanne has a background in nursing and Christian education. She is a currently a nursing instructor at a community college, enjoys volunteering in the community, and is excited to be a member of the newly formed Oasis Mennonite Church in Kitchener, Ontario.
Ernest Hochstetler
Ernest is a retired pastor. He has traveled quite widely in his preaching/teaching ministry usually on the subject of the Christian Home and it's calling. He is married to Mary Ellen for more then 50 years. God has blessed them with one son and three daughters (all married). They also are enjoying each of their 17 grandchildren. He is a member of the Cold Spring Mennonite Church in Abbevlle, South Carolina.
Dean Taylor
Dean is a writer and traveling Bible teacher and the author of "A Change of Allegiance." He and his wife, Tania, live in Boston MA, where he serves as the president of Sattler College.
Kyle Stoltzfus
Kyle is Academic Dean at Faith Builders Educational Programs. Kyle is married to Marlene and father to four. He is a part of Shalom Mennonite Church in Cochranton, Pennsylvania.
Kendall Meyers
Kendall Myers serves as a high school teacher and school administrator in Waynesboro, GA. His interests include church history, Anabaptist theology, and English literature. He and his wife Janelle are parents to five children.
Jaran Miller
Jaran Miller currently works in curriculum development at Faith Builders Educational Programs
Vinson Miller
Assistant Administrator and Podcast Editor
Vinson is a member of Wellspring Mennonite Church in Athens, Tennessee. He enjoys his occupation as a small engine repair technician and appreciates spending his evening in a variety of ways.
Myron Eby
Episode host and technical support
Myron Eby is from Tennessee. In addition to his work as an IT technician, he enjoys photography and video production.
Brandon Nisly
Video Editor
Brandon lives in northern Virginia and works as a service representative for Choice Books of Northern Virginia, Inc. He is a member of Faith Christian Fellowship in Catlett, Virginia
Ryan Trenkamp
Video Editing and Production
Ryan is owner and cinematographer of SkySail Productions and is often traveling as a filmmaker and field biologist. He is a member of Wellspring Mennonite Church in Athens, Tennessee.
Krista Mullet
Blog Editor
Krista has a heart for people and is involved in various ministries through her church and beyond. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, and loves to sing.
Dave Eshbach
Blog Manager
Dave is from Richmond VA. He works in book keeping and financial consulting.

The views expressed by our guests are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Anabaptist Perspectives or Wellspring Mennonite Church.