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Anabaptists Studying Political Philosophy

March 25, 2022

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Anabaptists Studying Political Philosophy

Anabaptists like to say that they as Christians should avoid politics, or that Christianity is not political. So a lot of people might wonder what the point could be to studying political philosophy. This is mainly a discussion of Rebekah and Marlin’s respective experiences studying political philosophy.

Episode Guest Info

Rebekah Mui

Besides her regular teaching job Rebekah Mui is an editor and prolific author for the Kingdom Outpost. She has an active research interest in the relationship between Christianity and empire and how this has played out in political theory.

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Episode Host

Marlin Sommers

Marlin and Meredith live with their five precious children in southeast Tennessee. Marlin has been trained in philosophy and carpentry, and enjoys pushing into other areas, such as mechanics and biblical Greek. Marlin works at Kingdom Channels and Anabaptist Perspectives in finance, communications, and other roles that are harder to describe. He is slowly endeavoring to put his public brain on his website

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