Conversion, New Birth, Old Orders, New Orders – Ask Anabaptist Perspectives Anything – Episode 8

March 9, 2020

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Phillip asked, “Could one of you explain what the anabaptist’s originally believed about conversation and the new birth and how today’s new order Mennonites came to believe differently than the old order groups on this issue?” This is an excellent question, Phillip! Stephen Russell and Kyle Stoltzfus respond in this episode.

Episode Guest Info

Stephen Russell

Stephen Russell earned a degree in European Studies at George Mason University (1986-1988), and an M.A. in Church History and Theology at Wheaton Graduate School (1989). His voluntary service experiences include two summers in Germany (1978, 1982), Choice Books (1981), and a halfway house for parolees (1980). He taught in Christian schools for five years and worked at Choice Books for seventeen years. During a seven month stay in Israel (2006), he wrote a book on nonresistance, Overcoming Evil God’s Way.

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Kyle Stoltzfus

Kyle Stoltzfus is a husband to Marlene, father of four, pastor, and the academic dean at Faith Builders Training Institute. He reads a lot, heats his house with firewood, and is in Christ.

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