Don’t Let the Algorithms Trap You

September 22, 2022

Don’t Let the Algorithms Trap You

The internet is an “attention economy.”  Websites sell your attention to advertisers and use sophisticated algorithms to personalize your feed.  Myron Eby and Verlon Miller discuss the downsides of an internet built around selling ads, and encourage us toward some ways to combat those dangers by intentionally seeking good sources of information.

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You   

Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked

Triston Harris – Center for Humane Technology

The Social Dilemma

Episode Guest Info

Verlon Miller

Verlon Miller works as a Business Advisor for Gehman Accounting from his home office in Athens, TN. He and his wife have 5 children and count it a joy to have raised them in the beauty of the southern Appalachians. He has 20+ years’ experience in sales and customer service and enjoys working with his clients to improve their profitability.

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Myron Eby

Myron Eby is from Tennessee. In addition to his work as an IT technician, he enjoys photography and video production.

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Episode Host

Reagan Schrock

Reagan is a member of Wellspring Mennonite Church and lives with his wife Patricia in southeast Tennessee. Reagan, along with Jaran, started Anabaptist Perspectives in 2017, and serves in leadership in the organization, in addition to being deeply involved in overseas missions work.

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