Is Christianity to Blame for Colonialism?

February 2, 2024

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Is Christianity to Blame for Colonialism?

Marlin and Reagan respond to this question from Brian: “In episode 174 [Kai Steinman] quoted people from the colonial and some from the more modern times to prove the point that Christianity played a big role in colonialism. I tend to think that all that was going to happen anyway and it just so happened that the so-called “Christian” world managed to discover the new world first and they just had this convenient veneer of Christianity and saving people’s souls to overlay what they were doing. So my question is, was their view of Christianity the reason for the colonialism or were they just bringing their religion with them and their religion just so happened to be Christianity.”

How Empire and Colonialism Perverted Missions – Kai Steinman

Relearning the Kingdom through Humble Mission – Rebekah Mui & Kai Steinman

Episode Guest Info

Marlin Sommers

Marlin and Meredith live with their five precious children in southeast Tennessee. Marlin has been trained in philosophy and carpentry, and enjoys pushing into other areas, such as mechanics and biblical Greek. Marlin works at Kingdom Channels and Anabaptist Perspectives in finance, communications, and other roles that are harder to describe. He is slowly endeavoring to put his public brain on his website

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Episode Host

Reagan Schrock

Reagan is a member of Wellspring Mennonite Church and lives with his wife Patricia in southeast Tennessee. Reagan, along with Jaran, started Anabaptist Perspectives in 2017, and serves in leadership in the organization, in addition to being deeply involved in overseas missions work.

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Amos K Martin

3 months ago

I appreciate the work you are doing. You are hitting some of the gray areas, of Anabaptism.

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