Kingdom Books and Notes on Biblical Studies

September 16, 2022

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Kingdom Books and Notes on Biblical Studies

Marlin asked Paul Lamicela a few bonus questions before we tackled two episodes for our main podcast. 

  1. What’s your favorite book related to the New Testament? (Paul gave two recommendations, I immediately ordered the first book, and can attest that it is worthwhile.) 

The Crucified King, Jeremy Treat: {affiliate link} 

God’s Kingdom Through God’s Covenants, Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum: {affiliate link} 

  1. What’s it like to write an entire dissertation—hundreds of pages—about a NT book that is only a few pages long? (Paul wrote a dissertation on the use of the OT in 2 Peter.)

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Marlin Sommers

Marlin and Meredith live with their five precious children in southeast Tennessee. Marlin has been trained in philosophy and carpentry, and enjoys pushing into other areas, such as mechanics and biblical Greek. Marlin works at Kingdom Channels and Anabaptist Perspectives in finance, communications, and other roles that are harder to describe. He is slowly endeavoring to put his public brain on his website

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