Mennonites and the Tech Revolution

July 25, 2018

Mennonites and the Tech Revolution

How has technology affected us? What should our response be to information technology?
In this episode Matt Landis discusses various ways that Anabaptists have been affected by the technological age, especially information and communication technology. Matt also brings insight to how we should think about and respond to technology.


Episode Guest Info

Matt Landis

Matthew serves on the leadership in his local church in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. He is founder and owner of Landis Technologies, a technology company providing custom software and support to various industries. He is deeply interested in the effects of technology and how Anabaptists can respond in a reasonable, Christ-like way.

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Episode Host

Reagan Schrock

Reagan is a member of Wellspring Mennonite Church and lives with his wife Patricia in southeast Tennessee. Reagan, along with Jaran, started Anabaptist Perspectives in 2017, and serves in leadership in the organization, in addition to being deeply involved in overseas missions work.

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