Missions and Stagnation in the Last 60 years — Ask Anabaptist Perspectives Anything Ep. 40

March 17, 2023

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Missions and Stagnation in the Last 60 years — Ask Anabaptist Perspectives Anything Ep. 40

Kyle writes: “I’ve been Amish Mennonite my entire life. The thing I struggle with the most is this: We are supposed to be imitators of Christ. The best example of imitating Christ is Jesus’ disciples, Paul, and the early church. Why did the early church grow in the midst of persecution and turmoil? Because the church had something to offer! Why then, has the last 60 years of the Anabaptist church been completely stagnant and/or dying? Do we not have something to offer the world?”
Reagan, Jaran, and Marlin push back on the claims of Anabaptist stagnation. We do acknowledge some stagnation in our circles, and discuss what we see as the losses that came with the parting of ways between conservative and mainline Mennonites in the second half of the 20th century. This loss was especially felt around missions and evangelism.
Kyle is commenting on Chester Weaver’s episode “Apostacy of the 1960’s.”
The Ministry Conference referenced is REACH, next planned for March 2024.
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Episode Host

Reagan Schrock

Reagan is a member of Wellspring Mennonite Church and lives with his wife Patricia in southeast Tennessee. Reagan, along with Jaran, started Anabaptist Perspectives in 2017, and serves in leadership in the organization, in addition to being deeply involved in overseas missions work.

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