Redeemed from the Present Evil Age

October 6, 2022

Galatians is about God’s New Creation, as Paul Lamicela helps us see. This episode probes major themes in Galatians in light of Jesus bringing the newness that redeems us from the present evil age. For much more detail listen to Paul’s four espisode series on the Think Truth podcast.

See Paul’s website for more information on his upcoming course on Galatians as well as his course “Understanding the Biblical Storyline.” www.biblicalstoryline.org

Galatians Series: The Big Picture

Galatians Series: the Spirit, Church Rules, and Culture

Galatians Series: Abraham and the Promise

Galatians Series: Allegories and Metaphors

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Episode Host

Marlin Sommers

Marlin works on various projects in addition to Anabaptist Perspectives. He is married to Meredith and father to Zadok, Katherine, Job, and Jude. He is from Wellspring Mennonite Church in Athens, Tennessee.

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