The Significance of Adoption

July 2, 2019

The Significance of Adoption

In this episode, Valerie Miller shares about adoption and her view of it as one who has been adopted. Valerie presents what she sees as some of the primary struggles that occur during and after adoption. She also shares her vision for adoption in Anabaptist homes.

Episode Guest Info

Valerie Miller

Valerie Miller is from Macon, MS, and has spent several years at SMBI as assistant dean of women. She has a heart for cross-cultural ministry, and hopes to serve on the foreign mission field someday. She is a member of Faith Mennonite Fellowship, and some of her favorite things are reading, playing volleyball, good chocolate, and quality time with friends.

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Episode Host

Samantha (Trenkamp) Bender

Samantha (Trenkamp) Bender was raised in the hills of East Tennessee, but now lives in the land of corn and hogs that is Iowa with her dear husband and daughter. She enjoys writing children’s stories and sharing words of truth with concision and simplicity.

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