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What Is God’s Name? – Ask Anabaptist Perspectives Anything – Episode 30

April 22, 2022

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What Is God’s Name? – Ask Anabaptist Perspectives Anything – Episode 30

A listener asks, “What really is God’s name?” Does it matter if we refer to God as Yahweh or Jehovah? Do we need to use the divine name or can we just use titles like God or Lord? Marlin fills in a little biblical backstory and argues that using God’s name is helpful, but not strictly necessary.

Episode Guest Info

Jaran Miller

Jaran Miller is a resident of Pennsylvania and a native of Tennessee. He received his K-12 education via homeschool, his college education at Lee University, and his most important education through the books he’s read and the human relationships he’s been privileged to have. Jaran enjoys living with his wife Sara. Together they engage in pursuits like playing the piano, reading books, and developing hospitality skills.

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Episode Host

Reagan Schrock

Reagan is a member of Wellspring Mennonite Church and lives with his wife Patricia in southeast Tennessee. Reagan, along with Jaran, started Anabaptist Perspectives in 2017, and serves in leadership in the organization, in addition to being deeply involved in overseas missions work.

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