Beth was born to a family of school teachers in the foothills of south-central Pennsylvania where she was raised in a Mennonite home. Her mother’s family were some of the early Mennonite settlers in Penn’s Holy Experiment, while her father’s parents entered through Ellis Island as children with the throngs of Catholics from Southern Europe. Beth received her bachelors of science in chemistry from Shippensburg University. She then moved to the University of Maryland Baltimore where she received a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. After graduating, Beth worked as a postdoctoral fellow, first at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, and then at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. In graduate school she was deeply involved in a student-led initiative to feed the homeless in Baltimore’s inner city. As a postdoc she was involved in international scholar fellowships both in Baltimore and Boston, interfacing with scholars from all parts of the globe. In 2017, Beth married David. They live together in Pennsylvania with their two children where Beth splits her time between caring for the home and serving as an assistant professor of biology for Sattler College.

“Using digital media to encourage allegiance to Jesus’ sacrificial kingdom.”

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