Jerry Wadel currently resides in Creston, British Columbia, Canada with his wife and youngest daughter where he serves as pastor at Heartland Mennonite Brotherhood. He is passionate about the subject of the New Testament Brotherhood and enjoys church history.

Contributed Content

Saturday, February 20th, 2021
As we all know, there are various opinions on how we should relate to the government and the various restrictions that have been put in place. As none of us have any experience with dealing with a pandemic before, we find ourselves in a lot of uncharted territory and with a myriad of thoughts and opinions.  How do we find our way through these trying times and learn what God wants...

Saturday, February 6th, 2021
It began for many of us like a rather normal year. There was the usual anticipation of spring and summer. Suddenly it seemed our world had become a quandary of unknowns, and a frantic search for facts and reason. We had witnessed flu seasons before and many of us had already had our turn with what seemed like ordinary winter flu, with some even experiencing it in overdrive. But we had recovered...