Microfinance, Evangelism, and Discipleship

January 25, 2024

Microfinance, Evangelism, and Discipleship

Amata Thomas, a bishop for Christian Believers Fellowship, discusses how business and finance training can integrate with discipleship and evangelism. He explains how Open Hands, the ministry that he works for, coordinates savings groups where participants support each other in completing a training program that moves trainees away from financial vulnerability, exposes them more deeply to Christ and his word, and encourages restoration of four fundamental relationships: God, others, self, and creation. This and similar programs have helped to stabilize and grow the vulnerable, orienting them toward standing together in Christian community.

Episode Guest Info

Amata Thomas

Amata Thomas lives in Kisumu City, Kenya with his wife Susan and three children. He serves as a bishop for 2 congregations of the Christian Believers’ Fellowship, a Beachy Amish Mennonite Ministry in Kenya. He is the Director of Operations for Open Hands International in East Africa. He is a graduate teacher majoring in Mathematics and Economics and he has post graduate training in Children and Youth Drug Addiction Psychology from the University of Amsterdam’s Graduate School of Social Sciences. As such, he is equipped and practices as a psychological counselor, mentoring many children and youth in schools. He also offers consultancy services to several other local and multinational organizations on a needs basis.

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Episode Host

Jaran Miller

Jaran Miller is a resident of Pennsylvania and a native of Tennessee. He received his K-12 education via homeschool, his college education at Lee University, and his most important education through the books he’s read and the human relationships he’s been privileged to have. Jaran enjoys living with his wife Sara. Together they engage in pursuits like playing the piano, reading books, and developing hospitality skills.

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