December 26, 2017


Welcome to Anabaptist Perspectives! The team which forms Anabaptist Perspectives identifies, as you may expect, with the historic Anabaptists and contemporary expressions of that movement through our respective churches. Anabaptists, both present and past, have important insights; ones that could be of value to many. However, we have observed that media outlets are mostly void of this perspective and an accurate description of Anabaptist lifestyle is only minimally present online. Accessible resources to our history and beliefs is sadly lacking.

Anabaptist Perspectives is an organized effort to help fill that void. Every week we will be uploading a new podcast, video, and blog post that addresses many of the important matters that define who the Anabaptists are and how we interact with the world around us. Episodes on schedule to be released include topics such as war, peace, the simple life, refugees, farming culture, education, cultural change and more. Most of our episodes will feature guests from Mennonite, Brethren, Hutterite, and other conservative Anabaptist groups who will address a variety of cultural, theological, social, and historical issues. Hopefully, through this the world will be encouraged towards thinking about old issues in new ways, new matters in more constructive ways, and difficult issues in better, more biblical and God-honoring ways.

Unfortunately, the task of representing the perspective of Anabaptism to the world comes with difficulty. Anabaptism has become a diverse category of Christianity; consequently, it would be wrong for us to pretend to represent all perspectives that are held by Anabaptists because the spectrum is broad and varied. So, be aware that we are coming from a conservative or moderately conservative background. Most of our guests will also come from relatively conservative perspectives. If you are an Anabaptist whose beliefs and lifestyle are not represented here, we apologize. Please understand that we sincerely want to honor God through what we communicate.

If you are not an Anabaptist, we are excited that you have found us! Please engage with what we communicate, ask questions, and provide feedback. As you listen, though, know that if the Anabaptists operating this podcast and channel was anyone other than us, you would hear things said just a bit differently. Most importantly, though we identify as Anabaptists, our identity with Jesus Christ is of greater importance. We take seriously His call of discipleship—to take up our cross daily and follow him.

We hope that this commitment to discipleship and love for Jesus is communicated with each episode of Anabaptist Perspectives. You can subscribe to receive our weekly videos on YouTube, and follow our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or SoundCloud.

Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you next week.

-The Anabaptist Perspectives production team


3 years ago

Thank you! May Jesus Christ be praised and humanity edified, encouraged and changed through this much needed ministry. God bless you.

Dana Geibel

6 years ago

Thank you so much for providing this. Currently, I do not fellowship with other anabaptists, but I love being able to listen and learn online!

Anabaptist Perspectives

6 years ago

We’re glad you found us and that the content has been helpful!

Gertrude Slabach

6 years ago

I am excited about this venture – and am signing up!


6 years ago

Thanks for your interest in Anabaptist Perspectives. We’re excited too!

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