The Ideal Resistance

December 12, 2018

The Ideal Resistance

In this conversation with John D. Martin, several aspects of the way that Jesus wishes for his followers to treat their enemies are discussed. Throughout this episode, historic examples are given to help us understand how Jesus’ teachings should be applied. John closes with encouragement to keep the Kingdom of God first.

Episode Guest Info

John D. Martin

John D. Martin lives in southern Pennsylvania. He has been an apologist for the Kingdom of God through teaching and preaching. He has been deeply involved in Shippensburg Christian Fellowship, and he compiled Hymns of the Church.

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Episode Host

Kyle Stoltzfus

Kyle Stoltzfus is a husband to Marlene, father of four, pastor, and the academic dean at Faith Builders Training Institute. He reads a lot, heats his house with firewood, and is in Christ.

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