There’s a Lot Happening… Supporters Update 17

This is the off season when it comes to video and podcast episodes. Season 3 has wrapped up and we are currently working on Season 4 which will commence next year. Several episodes have been filmed and more are in the active planning state. One thing we are targeting for Season 4 is follow-ups to some episodes that have provoked an extra amount of audience comment and debate. 

Our last update mentioned needed improvements on the back end. Since then, we have purchased network storage to accommodate the terabytes upon terabyte of files that come with filming hundreds of videos. We have also built a new backend for our website, which will allow a lot more features soon. 

Other work behind the scenes included switching podcast hosts (don’t worry nothing changed in your feed!), switching some staff roles, and working on media formats. 

Notes from the UK 

Jeff encouraged us and asked us to not shut down the YouTube channel. He is looking for fellowship in the United Kingdom: 

“I hope you’re not closing down this YouTube channel though. As I have learnt so much and have been challenged in my faith and walk in Christ. I now consider myself to be an Anabaptist Kingdom Christian…you’re a great team and I have greatly enjoyed your videos and I believe that God will do something huge here in the South East of England where I live as result of the flame that’s been kindled in my heart to see the Lord do something really radical as a result of the teaching I have received from some of amazing people that have interviewed here! I praise God for you all…love and blessings in Christ Jesus ? Jeff ?” 

Pat also wants fellowship in the United Kingdom: 

“I am so challenged and, strangely, confirmed by this, through each episode I find myself saying yes, amen. But I have suppressed it in my living bounded by local convention. My prayer is for a friend and mentor to walk alongside and discuss – how wonderful it would be to have a Mennonite Church here in UK (especially one close-by!)”

Does Anabaptist Perspectives only appeal to those who grew up that way? 

That’s hard to measure, of course; we aren’t doing demographic surveys.  One very rough measure is surnames of people who interact with us. Less than half have stereotypical Mennonite or Amish last names. Combining this with the kinds of responses coming from our audience, we can safely say that our episodes hold interest both within and without Anabaptist circles, both for those with specific interest in Anabaptism and for believers who are content in other traditions. 

An Investment Worth Making

As we hear testimonies like those above, it confirms the importance of investing in digital media and doing it well. God has provided the needed funds in the past through His people and we will trust He will continue to do so, as we strive for continual improvement in our work. Thanks so much to all of you who make our work possible! Your support is much appreciated! We look forward to continuing to partner with you.  Click here for info on supporting Anabaptist Perspectives.

Lots of Content to Enjoy! 

Episodes are in the offseason, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t publishing content!  

  • We have also started having each essay professionally narrated. Find us in your podcast app as Essays for King Jesus by Anabaptist Perspectives. See recorded essays online or subscribe in your favorite app.
  • For patrons there is also a variety of bonus content on Patreon. Every other week sees a new release, usually team reflections on audience comments or bonus material from an interview with one of our guests. 

And of course, you can always catch up on episodes you missed. Here are a few from years past that are still popular. 

Mennonite Nazis (a lecture by Chester Weaver) 
My Journey to the Mennonites (Samantha Trenkamp Bender interviewed by Valonna Miller Eby
History of the Apocrypha in the Biblical Canon (Stephen Russell interviewed by Reagan Schrock) 

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