Conversations – Supporters Update 21

We are currently revisiting our mission and purpose statements. One line in the original statement says we aim to “Promote biblical discussions among Anabaptist people about social and cultural issues.” 

One thing is clear four years later. Those discussions extend far beyond Anabaptist background people! For that we are grateful. 

Discussion and conversation are what we do. Episodes are formatted as conversations, sometimes with more than one guest. We regularly reply to comments and answer emails. Increasingly, new episodes are fueled by and directly reference audience feedback on earlier episodes. We are also thrilled to see significant conversations happening in YouTube comments. For example, check out the helpful comment thread on the video “Our Experience Among the Homeless”. 

That is why the working draft of our expanded mission statement now includes this line: 

“Facilitate continued interaction around our content that includes both our audience and content contributors.” 

(In a shameless plug for our monthly Partner Program, let it be noted that we engage with even more comments, questions, and criticisms in our bonus podcast available on Patreon or via a subscription on our website.)

Prayer and Praise 

  1. Pray that we can resolve difficulties in scheduling interviews with several guests. 
  1. Thank God for adequate financial provision so far and pray for the needed finances to finish out 2022 well. 
  1. Pray for wisdom as we flesh out and refine our vision and mission statement.  
  1. Pray for the brother from Albania mentioned in our last Supporters Update. 
  1. Thank God for arranging travel plans so that one of our staff can meet this brother in person. 


Last December we announced 2022 budget projections totaling $65,000. This graph shows progress so far toward this contribution goal as well as how much of the annual budget has been spent in each category.  

We currently have 77 supporters making regular monthly contributions, as well as a number of other donors. Thanks so much! You are the reason we can keep producing videos, podcasts, and episodes, as well as interacting with believers and seekers around the world. 

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